Halal Catering in Malaysia-Halal Catering and What to Do

April 28, 2020 Mitchell Alvarez 0 Comment

When you go to Malaysia, one of the major concerns you might have is Halal Catering. That’s right, you need to ensure that you cater your event in a way that adheres to Halal practices and principles. Here are some tips on how to pick a halal restaurant and what to do once you have.

Halal is an Islamic term used to describe the food which is permissible for consumption by Muslims. Thus, it will not be permitted to eat in any non-halal establishment, as the Muslim religion forbids such. Also, this does not apply to those who follow other religions. However, when it comes to halal, this is not a case of acceptability for consumption or not.

Widely practiced  in Malaysia

Halal catering is a widely practiced practice in Malaysia. This is because the cuisine is more suited to eating, and most of it is very aromatic. In most cases, a host or hostess will help the caterer prepare the menu, so that everything is fit for consumption.

Halal catering also requires a little extra care. The caterer must be carefully trained on food preparation and hygiene practices. The caterer must also ensure that the food is cooked and served properly.

Halal catering is not exactly the same as catering for non-Muslims. With Halal catering, there are certain guidelines to adhere to. For instance, you have to make sure that the caterer and your guests do not consume anything from the menu that is prohibited by Islam. You can ask the caterer to put it in a separate container at the table.

Halal catering requires a lot of attention

On the other hand, catering for non-Muslims, with the exception of Muslim leaders, may not be so strict. However, the caterer will always make sure that the food is halal, and it is not offered for consumption if it is not fit for consumption.

Halal catering requires a lot of research. To ensure that the menu and food are fit for consumption, you should make sure that the foods are cooked thoroughly. The caterer should also make sure that the food is not spoiled, so that it can be consumed by the guest. As a host, you can request the caterer to check that the food is properly cooked.


You might want to hire a service that specializes in halal catering. These service providers do a lot of research in the area and ensure that the food is halal. If you are having a dinner party or a function, you can consult with these services to see if they can accommodate your needs.