Automobile sector shut down by industrial workers of German while strikes spread

Industrial employees across Germany’s electrical and automotive sectors are fighting for higher salaries and also a voluntary reduction in the workweek using a third afternoon of 24-hour strikes. They closed down the whole car sector in southern Germany. Over half a million employees have voiced their willingness to resist by taking strike action.

Before, Ford employees at plants at Cologne struck and closed down all of meeting lines.

In virtually all the 250 businesses where IG Metall held hit votes between 95 and 100% of their workforce supported strike action. This speaks volumes concerning the employees’ willingness for battle. It isn’t just a statement of urgency into the executives at the boardrooms and their governmental agents, but in addition the trade union itself, that is urgently trying to resume talks with the businesses.

“Talks may be continued to Monday as long as the other hand reveals substantial motion,” explained Roman Zitzelsberger, regional pioneer of IG Metall at Baden-Württemberg on Thursday. The marriage has already leased rooms at Stuttgart on Monday morning to sponsor discussions.

This is additional proof of this contradiction which has dominated the 3 times of strikes. IG Metall would rather terminate the attack when you can, most importantly to prevent hindering the creation of a brand new grand coalition, that is going to be a administration of societal strikes, militarism and also the strengthening of the repressive state apparatus. By comparison, the working class is about to take the battle against intense levels of societal inequality.

IG Metall delivered its top agents to the most essential strike pickets in order to not eliminate control of this circumstance.

In the vacuum smelter at Hanau, Christiane Benner, the deputy chief of IG Metall, stayed silent about the close relations between the IG Metall leadership along with the committees and business supervisory boards accountable for the attack on social ailments. Hofmann and Benner are the two members of this SPD.

Meanwhile, the anger is increasing over the picket lines involving the reactionary policies of a ruling elite that holds influence at the boardrooms and also in authorities. Managers’ bonuses and wages are climbing. Precisely those supervisors who assault “their own” workforces most viciously are rewarded, like in Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, General Electric and a lot more. The scale of societal inequality is as good as it had been a century past. The Schaeffler family, which possesses one of those firms where strike action is happening, is one of Germany’s wealthiest.

Employees, who encourage the requirements for higher salaries and more family-friendly working periods, have endured from speed-ups and undergone significant attacks in their operating conditions.

André, who had been picketing before the vacuum smelter at Hanau, explained why he affirms that the requirement for low working hours. “Once I started here we’d 2,500 employees, now we have only 1,400,” he explained. “Cutbacks were created anywhere. Departments were closed, and machines was sent abroad. Whereas before the lights were rising anywhere, now over fifty percent of those companies have been in darkness”

André has worked to the business for 28 decades. After he had been hired, then the 40-hour workweek was in drive. “The battle for its 35-hour workweek–which was designed to split the work among many individuals to produce tasks more protected from the long term. That clearly did not do the job. Here, the elderly individuals that are retiring are not substituted, and the weight for every single person has risen consequently. This affects the electric and matching operations particularly, where the variety of employees has been inadequate. The number of people left in such departments can hardly deal with the workload.”

The Hanau Vacuum Smelter, among the most significant metal facilities at the state of Hesse, has been known as a IG Metall stronghold from the Main/Kingzig district. Ownership of this plant has shifted several occasions and anger is developing together with all the trade union, which recently agreed with US parent firm OM to inflict a additional 200 job reductions. André stated of IG Metall, “It’s fantastic for individuals that IG Metall is present, but they must inflict themselves forcefully!”

“If the individuals are from a job–who’ll keep an eye out to them? The bankers only care when the characters are correct, and what’s offloaded on us. That’s exactly what must change,” he explained.

“The SPD was around the flip hand for decades. They’ve nothing more to do with employees,” explained Frank, a worker used at Thermo at Langenselbold.

He added, “We’ve young German-Russian coworkers, and they attempt to play off them from us young against old, women against men, since they’re a inexpensive labor force. Any of those who have great collective contracts are referred to as an older weight.”

Frank also talked about the Ford attack in Romania. “It’s essential that employees in various countries do not permit themselves to be played against each other.

IG Metall has closely assured that the deal battle stays isolated by the struggle to defend projects at Siemens. That is a additional sign of the nervousness.

Hans-Jürgen Urban, also a part of the IG Metall executive, also talked in Frankfurt. Siemens’ works councils along with IG Metall team are definitely preparing to achieve an arrangement with the organization’s board that’ll be a rotten sell-out.

Urban reported that it’s “nothing new which at the region in which you operate, you will find issues. IG Metall functions councillors have offered to speak constructively about how to react to those issues.” IG Metall can also be “prepared to attach significance to items which are economically feasible for your company being put into training” One just wants to cope “quite” with all the employees.

This type of government wouldn’t merely accelerate the assault on the working class in Germany and around Europe, but also vigorously push forward with the growth of national condition repression and militarism.

WSWS colleagues and Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei (SGP) members shared the association between the government discussions along with the attack at many hit rallies. The WSWS announcement calling for the expansion of this attack and also for new elections has been met with fantastic interest.

“The strikes at the electrical and metal sectors have to be enlarged. This needs a rest up with the IG Metall union, and it will be doing what it could to stifle the attack. The marriage works closely together with the companies’ associations, and also almost all of its own officials are members of the SPD and fans of a new variant of their grand coalition.

“To be able to enlarge the attack, rank-and-file employees’ committees have to be installed to take charge of the dispute and establish contact with employees across Europe and across the globe.