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Welcome to Epic Fail Crash !A  well known car exhibition.

Epic Fail Crash is a business enterprise that manages major car exhibition events. Epic Fail Crash was founded in 2007 by 2 brothers.

Supercars are the ultimate luxury symbol. If simply revving your Porsche isn’t enough, car events are a perfect way to get your automotive fix in some of the most dazzling vacation destinations in the world. 

The Epic Fail Crash began in 2007 and is considered one of the top five best auto shows in the world. Last year the show featured more than 900 cars and was the site of more than 150 world and European car premiers. The Epic Fail Crash show offers the most comprehensive view of new trends, cars, technology and future developments of any auto event in the world. The show slated for March 7 to 17, 2019 is a bucket list for any true car lover. For a VIP experience, GC Prive offers everything from premium seats, boxes and hospitality suites, to personal hosts, chauffeurs and the opportunity to rent a super car during your stay.